1. What is the Happylightshow?

The Happylightshow is an accessory device, which communicates with the CAN-Bus System onboard the car. It allows additional functions with a minimum of installation time.


2. Does it Damage my Car?

Until now no negative influences that affect the handling of the car are known. There won't be any troublecodes inside the car caused by the Happylightshow. There are more than 300 Units built into cars (June 2009). 

3. How to Buy a Happylightshow?

Follow step by step under buy.htm our instructions. Please complete our order form. Under Product choice "Happylightshow Standard". After that everything goes his way automatically.


4. How to Install?

The Happylightshow must simply be plugged onto the Diagnostic Link Connector of the car. For further information use the “description” Section on our homepage.


5. What Cars are Supported?

Now (March 2014) all new General Motors vehicles are completely supported. In some configurations it may be possible, that the rear taillights aren't supported, because an ECU misses (REC). For all other cars the Happylightshow is not supported. Technically nearly all cars with built in CAN-Bus System can be supported.

If you are interested contact us.


6. What kind of Functions are Available?

Engine coolant temperature displayed inside the odometer, Lightshow, Speedlock, WTTC WelcomeToTheCar (Outside lights when car is locked/unlocked), OPC Instrument (Engine Speed and Speedindicator go to limit and back).

All functions can be customized.


7. My Car does have Xenon Lights, do I have to Take Note of Something?

Some Light examples inside the Lightshow do use headlight, in this case you shouldn't use them, or your Xenons may be damaged. This doesn't effect the WTTC function.


8. Will there be Additional Functions in the Future?

At the moment we are working on a ability to easily upgrade to navigation system. There will also be an small car computer showing the fuel consumption inside the odometer. Also we are working on an simple alarm system. We will let you know if there is something new.


9. I have an Idea for an Additional Function, I want to know if that is Possible?

Please use our contact form.


10. What about Software Updates?

Updates are possible. Look inside our “Update” Section. You find there all software versions. If you want to know about your software version take a look on the back side of your happylightshow. You find there a number with your software version.


11. How to Update a Old Happylightshow Software Version?

Follow step by step our instructions. Please complete our order form. Under Product choice "Software Update ". Send your Happylightshow to us. After that everything goes his way automatically.


12. How to Update a Happyblue Software Version?

Follow step by step our instructions. Please download the latest version of Happyblue and Happyblue Update App. No additional costs.


13. May I use the Happylightshow in Normal Traffic Situations?

Due to there is no operation license the customer is liable for all risks. We promise failure-free mode with the CE-Certification.


14. I want to Order Multiple Devices!

Look onto our General Terms and Conditions called “Standard Bus”.


15. I want to Sell the Happylightshow Products in my Country?

Please contact us for further informations.